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For Businesses

Have a brand/business and you want a PhotoShoot but need creative direction from us?  Get the Brand Campaign package.



- Consult with a creative agent to express your plan.

- Optional Pitch by a creative agent if needed

- on-set production assistant or creative agent for your shoot

- (90) Min. session

- 8 Final Edits

-Unlimited Outfits

- (1-8) Participants

-Access to all photos (unwatermarked)

Branding Shoot for Triple-A Podcast

Branding Shoots Perfect for businesses that need a shoot for their brand or products. NO creative direction from us at Charmant Creative Studios.



- Access to ALL raw images (unwatermarked)

- Unlimited outfit changes

- (60) Min.

- (1) Backdrop

- (8) Final edits

(No Creative Direction from CS)

Brand Campaign for Ameila Beauty

We Partnered with ‘Made By the Lab’ to bring the best quality of creative direction to you and your business. Mistyre Bonds is the creative director and owner if Made By The Lab. She will be there through every step to secure the best campaign for your business. 

Let us produce your podcast! We can help with pre-production, plan your entire recording, and help your podcast go to another level. We also offer post-production editing. Send us your files, and we can edit promo videos, trailers, intros, outros, and etc. Book a consult if you would love this option. 

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